Mom wasn’t cheerful with my decision to be an HVAC serviceman.

I seldom told my mom about all my decisions, but when I wanted to be an HVAC serviceman, I told her; She cried plus wailed love I had just told his I was dying.

She didn’t want myself and others to be an HVAC serviceman.

She said he had groomed from the time I could walk plus talk, to be a model plus actress. She enrolled myself and others in classes plus took myself and others to every beauty pageant imaginable. I hated those days in the spotlight, plus I tried to lose, but I seldom did, which solidified my system of not being a beauty queen. I hated being a beauty queen. When I told mom I wanted to be an HVAC serviceman, I knew he would never forgive me, but Mom offered to talk to her. He was proud of me, regardless of what I wanted to do. Mom cried for almost two weeks plus every time I came into the same room he was in, he would run out in tears. When I finally started HVAC school, mom was still angry with me. She was no longer crying, but he wouldn’t look at myself and others either. I tried wearing dresses to class, but it wasn’t feasible. When it came time to graduate from HVAC school, mom didn’t come. She was ashamed to say his kid was an HVAC serviceman. Maybe by the time I become the owner of an HVAC dealer, she’ll have forgiven myself and others for thwarting the plans he laid out for me. There isn’t much I can do, but enjoy being an HVAC serviceman plus not dressed up in glitzy clothes that are so uncomfortable I wanted to cry.