They Gave Me a Ductless Mini Split Unit

I didn’t know I complained a lot about the lack of air in my entryway, but I guess I was wrong.

The other week my parents told the kids that they had a present for us and I was really caught off guard! Christmas wasn’t for another two weeks so I had no idea what they had to tell me.

My mind began to wonder about all the gift possibilities and the reasons that my parents needed to give it to myself and the others so soon. Of all the things I thought it could be, I was not prepared to open up a ductless mini split system. In fact, I was really confused! I didn’t remember ever asking for a ductless mini split method and I didn’t even know where to put it. It wasn’t until my parents explained that it was for my entryway that I began to realize why they had gotten it. I had been complaining about how hot my entryway was and how the airflow was really poor. I didn’t sleep well in the evenings because of the temperature, and apparently almost everyone was tired of hearing me endlessly talk about it. When I realized why they had gotten us the ductless mini split system I felt embarrassed. I had no idea that my complaints about the lack of air in my entryway would become so overwhelming that my parents would believe they were obligated to invest in a ductless mini split system. Either way, I’m really thankful for the generous gift and I’m even more thankful that I don’t have to lose sleep over the lack of air in my entryway now.



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