They told myself and others I would care about the method for years to come.

I had our new Heating plus A/C method installed last week, plus the Heating plus A/C professional told myself and others I would care about the method for years to come.

That was only a week ago, plus I am already hating the new Heating plus A/C. I didn’t recognize if they hooked the gas furnace up inproperly, or if it was the nature of the beast, but there is a whistling sound every time the heat turns on. It is driving our partner plus I crazy. Two nights ago, every one of us hadn’t slept a wink, because of the noise coming through the air duct. When the alarm went off at 4 AM for our partner to go to work, he could barely pull himself out of bed. When 7 AM arrived, I was on the iphone to the Heating plus A/C supplier.I told them they had to get rid of the noise, or I was going to have them take the gas furnace away plus get a odd 1. I told them that if I was having this much trouble with the heating; I was afraid to see what would happen with the air conditioning system. I was also anxious about the air purification method every one of us had installed in the Heating plus A/C system. That day, the Heating plus A/C professional came to the beach house to look at the gas furnace. After almost an minute, he told myself and others the noise wasn’t coming from the gas furnace, but from the air duct. There was an section where it they joined it wrong, plus the whistling came from when the heat was on it was coming out of the fissure. I told him I would not spend money another cent until I knew there were no more problems.


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