After we cleaned the ventilation system, we had no troubles

Ever since Bob and I cleaned out the ventilation system in our house, both of us haven’t had any troubles at all with our Heating plus A/C system.

When the Heating plus A/C pro told myself and Bob that both of us needed to have the ventilation system in our lake house cleaned out, we thought that he was just trying to upsell myself and Bob on some kind of service that both of us did not honestly need to have done.

As it turns out, the guy was exactly right that Bob and I were having some concerns with whatever was inside of our ventilation system. Over the last couple of years Bob and I have done a lot of house improvements plus repairs, plus I suppose all of the drywall dust that wound up having in the lake house got sucked into our ventilation system. This was not something that I ever honestly thought all that much about until the Heating plus A/C pro asked us about it. Every one of us had been having a lot of trouble with our heating plus cooling system, plus when I called him to come over plus check the system out for me, I never dreamed that it was honestly an issue with the duct work. Bob thought for sure there was something wrong with our air conditioner or that one of the fans or something. It turns out that our duct task was just completely filthy plus full of aged drywall dust. Once the Heating plus A/C business came plus deep-cleaned out the ventilation system, both of us have not had any more trouble at all. I suppose that is why we should always spend my money for a professional’s opinion whenever we’re dealing with something care about this.
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