He trampled my flowers.

It took me two weeks of hard work and about fifty dollars to have my flower garden looking as good as it did.

I loved flowers, even though many people told me it was too much work for me.

I was only seventy-five and in excellent health. There was no reason why I couldn’t plant flowers on my own, and not need someone to babysit me. When the HVAC technician arrived to service my air conditioning unit last spring, I was angry. He parked in my yard, and then he trampled my flowers. My flowers looked like someone had kicked them to bits to get them out of their way. I went outside and started to reprimand the young HVAC tech, but he wasn’t hearing it. He said my flowers were in his way. If I wanted my air conditioning unit serviced, I would need to suffer the consequences, or plant the flowers somewhere else. I was livid and sputtering. I went inside, grabbed my cell phone, and started taking pictures. I then called the HVAC company and asked how I could text the pictures to them. Once I sent the text, they called me and asked what had happened. After telling them how the HVAC tech had talked to me, they told me they would take care of the mess and someone would replant the flowers for me. I was glad the owner of the HVAC company was nicer than the rude HVAC technician. Once the HVAC company owner arrived, he looked at the mess and then talked to the HVAC technician. He told him he had to come back on his own time and replant all the flowers, and they were paying me for the flowers that needed planted.

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