I called a licensed electrician to fix the light in the pool

My wife and I decided to sell our house so we could move down south and buy a condo.

Before we put the house on the market, we contacted a contractor and building expert to see if there were any changes we could make to raise the value of the house. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but we were willing to put some money into the project so we could get more return on our investment. I have a friend that is a contractor and he came out to look at the house and did not charge me anything at all. He mentioned a couple of problems in the attic and he also mentioned the fact that the house would probably look better without the carpet. Another thing that the contractor mentioned was the light in the pool. The light in the pool was an old style light that was no longer up to code. I had to contact a licensed pool electrician to fix the light and it wasn’t cheap. The licensed pool electrician had to drain most of the water out of the pool in order to get to the light. The wires behind the light had to be replaced and the pool had to be filled back up before we could even test the light to make sure that it was fixed. I spent a fortune to get the electrician out to the house and the whole process took several hours. The electrician was only working for about 30 minutes total and the project cost me $750. I guess it is safe to say that electricians make a good living.

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