I needed excellent HVAC in the nursery.

The entire time I was pregnant, my husband and I were working in the nursery.

  • We changed the large walk-in closet into the nursery.

It struck me as funny how I never realized the lack of HVAC when I was in that closet. I called the HVAC company and asked if someone could come to the house and tell us if we could extend the HVAC from our bedroom into the closet. Two days later, the HVAC technician arrived and didn’t his inspection. He said it would be easy to cut a small hole in the wall and extend the ductwork the extra three feet needed to add heating and air conditioning. It shouldn’t even cut back on the amount of airflow that was necessary to get HVAC into the small room. Since there was no window in that room, I was also concerned about the flow of fresh air and the health of the room. The HVAC technician explained to us that with the use of a small portable air purification system, we would have no problem with the room being safe for a newborn. Eventually, we are going to have to get a bigger house with two or three bedrooms and more bathrooms. Until then, however, I think our baby’s cozy little nursery will be quite comfortable, and I will feel better knowing she is closer to us. Now that there is HVAC in the room, and the air purification unit is there to keep the air clean, I am even happier knowing our baby is within hearing distance of me.