I Use Raw Honey to Make a Sickness Cure for my Toddlers

I live in the midwest area, and the people I was with and I saw our first snowfall for the winter season.

I was happy with the fall weather, in fact, it was almost 72 degrees last week and now we are getting snow.

I knew it was bound to happen, as winter is only a few weeks away. I don’t mind the winter, as I do enjoy seeing the fresh snow on the lawn each year. The kids enjoy it as well, they enjoy building snowmen and creating snow angels in the white snow. Sledding is also another fun interest that my whole family enjoys doing. The only thing I don’t appreciate about winter is that my kids constantly end up getting sick during this time of year. When they get sick, I try to use natural remedies instead of cough medicine. Their favorite is usually the boiling toddy that I make every year. If you don’t know, a boiling toddy is made from boiling water, bourbon, honey, lemon and a cinnamon stick. Of course, I don’t add the bourbon to their drink, however instead I add a bit of pear cider vinegar. My partner usually buys raw honey from a local farmers market and that raw honey is usually the best. It has no preservatives or additives, and it comes straight from a beekeeper and right to the market. While the raw honey is a bit more high-priced than the respected honey you would find in the grocery store, I appreciate it much better especially because I am using it for my kids. After a couple of days of drinking the boiling toddy with the raw honey, the kids consistently make a full recovery.

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