Innovative duct sealing method

Last winter was especially cold.

My local area set records for low temperatures, frequently experiencing conditions in the negative digits.

We got an excess of snow, endured bitter windchill and suffered through multiple blizzards. I wasn’t happy with the performance of my furnace. I kept raising the thermostat setting by several degrees, and yet the house felt chilly. Certain rooms were much colder than others. The heating system was running a lot more than usual. I procrastinated over scheduling furnace repairs for much longer than I should have. I didn’t want to pay for professional services. Instead, I wasted a tremendous amount of money on monthly energy bills. When the contractor inspected the heating system, he found problems with the ductwork. Testing of the ducts revealed that approximately 25% of the heated air was escaping through cracks at the seams and small holes. Since the ductwork is concealed inside walls, ceilings and crawl spaces, I wasn’t sure how these issues could be fixed. The contractor explained an innovative process called Aeroseal that targets leaks from inside the pipes. After blocking off all of the supply and return registers, highly pressurized air containing polymer particles is pumped into the duct system. The particles are adhesive and cling to the edges of holes and cracks as the air leaks out. They gradually buildup to form an airtight seal. The process is guided by a computer program and takes an hour or two to complete. It is extremely effective and warrantied for ten years. The improvement in the operation of the furnace was amazing.

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