Max owns the local Heating plus A/C business

My hubby Max owns and runs a Heating plus A/C business, plus a couple of weeks ago he started an honestly fantastic special for his clients where he would come plus do a oil furnace tune up for only a hundred bucks, which is such a fantastic deal.

Then Max decided to go to the next level of service plus offer his clients the option to have both their air conditioner plus their furnace tuned up at the same time.

When Max told myself and others that he was going to do both of these things for only $150, I thought that it sounded crazy. I honestly asked Max if he wasn’t going to be losing money for the Heating plus A/C business by offering such cheap prices for those services. Max told myself and others that he would not be making really much of a profit at all, however he honestly wanted to offer a fantastic value to the clients as a thank you to them for sticking by Max through the years. I suppose the anniversary of his Heating plus A/C business being open is coming up plus Max wanted to offer some sort of anniversary special to them to celebrate the success of his business. I’m honestly cheerful that Max enjoys running his Heating plus A/C business as much as he does. Even though Max has a dozen Heating plus A/C workers working for him these afternoons, Max still goes out on heating plus cooling service calls a lot just because he enjoys it. I guess that Max will honestly keep doing this type of task forever, simply because he enjoys it so much. Max is a guy who honestly prefers his clients, that’s for sure.

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