Radiant heated floors are the best option

In my opinion, the most advantageous method of heating is radiant floor heating.

  • No other type of heating system compares to its unique benefits.

I like that the equipment is concealed beneath the floor. There is no ugly, noisy unit taking up space in the home. There are no supply and return vents requiring furniture to be arranged to accommodate them. For hydronic heated floors, a boiler is typically installed in the basement. The boiler works to heat up water and send it through a system of pipes hidden under the floor. As a closed loop system, the heated floors use the same water over and over again. There is no opportunity for contaminants to get into the system and spread into the breathing air. Because of this, hydronic heating is especially healthy and clean. By using water to heat, the system causes no concerns with over dry air and avoids the need to add a humidifier. The heat is infused rather than blown into the air and originates at floor level. It’s spread evenly from wall to wall and corner to corner and rises slowly. The temperature from floor to ceiling rarely varies more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. There are no cold spots or drafts. A huge perk of heated floors is the easy setup of zone control. Each room is able to be set to an independent temperature. Individual thermostats can conserve energy in unoccupied areas of the house and also cater to personal comfort preferences. While the heat from a furnace is dry and harsh, the heat provided by radiant flooring is more gentle and pleasant.



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