She is afraid to touch the HVAC

It’s kind of funny that my daughter can’t change the air filter for the Heating and A/C system.

I tried so many times to teach him how easy it is to pull out the old air filter and put the new one in.

I made sure she saw the arrows so she knew which way to stadium the air filter in! The thing is, she’s easily afraid of the Heating and A/C unit. She acts like it’s going to be at risk of blowing up whenever it turns on. I showed her how easy it is to power off the unit, there’s an emergency shut-off switch right next to it! Even when the power is off though, she doesn’t want to get near the Heating and A/C equipment. I was hoping that this was a chore she could do, so we would always have wonderful air quality and efficient running equipment, even though she won’t do it. I’m thinking about trying to help her do this when she’s older, maybe she won’t be afraid anymore. She just says that since I’m so confident with the air filter change, I should handle that chore. It’s not just about her doing important stuff around the home though, it’s about teaching her how to be a responsible young lady. She needs to know how to do things like this if she expects to ever live on her own, so I’m determined that eventually, she will learn! If she never figures out how to do air filters changes though, I don’t want to be there at her home with terrible air quality and a struggling Heating and A/C. I would at least hope that her future spouse will know how to do air filter changes, so they can easily live in comfort.

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