The artwork was incredible

I thought it was interesting when our son was getting into advanced art.

He was doing all kinds of amazing paintings in an environment with strict temperature control and humidity levels, our son was explaining how a combination humidifier/dehumidifier device had to be used in different spaces for different types of artwork.

He said for the most part, the humidity levels couldn’t be too high or low. High humidity would cause certain art pieces to bleed, warp, grow mold and become ruined, low humidity levels would cause different art pieces to become too dry so they would crack and break. He started getting into the pastel art which he had been working on. He was especially interested in the oil pastels because the paintings came out so rich with vivid colors and hues, however when seeing some of the artwork that was featured at different events, my husband and I were seriously impressed with the talent of our child. He said he wants to do a lot more of this in the future, creating his own art in an environment with ideal temperature control. He wants to own his own studio and display his masterpieces and fetch some of the highest prices possible for his art, we know he can do it, but I do hope that he learns other things as well, so he can have numerous sources of income, and selling art is great, but we have to be realistic that it can be difficult to make money, but perhaps down the road it won’t be so difficult with more experience in the art world.

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