The salon was better with the UV air purification system

When our partner was talking about getting her eyebrows waxed, her hair done, and a manicure, I told her to have a great time.

  • I was surprised when she said her friends weren’t able to make it to the salon, and she begged me to come along.

I told her there was nothing there for me, it would be boring, and they did not even have good air conditioner. She countered with the fact that they do massages and the air conditioner unit is excellent. She said they even have a UV air purification system for better air quality and a safer environment. When she said all that, I had to think about it for a minute. I had to confess that I would like to experience the air quality in a place that had a UV air cleaner. I had been thinking about getting something like that, and I was interested in speaking to the owner to see about pricing and which Heating and Air Conditioning supplier installed everything. The temperature control settings in the place were great just like our partner promised and the massages we got were amazing, then my back has never felt this great in years! I also enjoyed speaking with the owner who was a very friendly gentleman. He didn’t hesitate to provide me with the contact information for the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier who handled the air purification unit upgrade. He said he got a pretty great deal on it and said they also had great financing options. I thanked my wife for letting me tag along with her and got on the phone with the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier as soon as we got home.
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