This summer has been hotter than past summers

It has been a brutal summer so far.

Even though I have lived in a hot area all my life, it has been so hot that it has almost been impossible to do anything at all.

Not only am I talking about summer activities, but I am talking about going out on a regular basis to do things in your day-to-day life as well. I need to go to the grocery store because I’m almost out of food and yeah, I don’t even want to step outside my house due to how hot it is. Sadly, I don’t have a garage, and even if I did, I’m pretty certain that my car would have been just as hot as it is right now. As I stepped into my car yesterday to run a quick errand, I could tell it had been over a hundred degrees in my car! Due to the age of my car and the fact that it still has metal seat belts, I accidentally touched the super hot metal and almost got burned! The feeling was not pleasant, I’ll be honest with you. The heat has kept me as a prisoner in my own home because I don’t want to go out and leave the cool air conditioning of my beautifully air-conditioned house. I hate this heat, it has kept me like a prisoner in my own home. The weather outside is scorching hot. I am thinking that maybe I should try to go out Thursday, since the weather forecast predicts that it will be about 5 degrees cooler than it has been the past few days. I guess until then if I want food I’m going to have to order delivery, and let some other poor person deliver the food to me in this heat. If you are working out in this heat, my deepest sympathies go out to you. The temperature is 95 degrees right now and is only going up. I don’t see the weather cooling off anytime soon.

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