Trying to lower heating bills

I make sure that the insulation in the attic hasn’t been compromised by moisture or rodents

My heating bills are always a concern. The winters in my local area are the longest season and often set records for cold temperatures. We expect sub zero conditions, freezing cold winds and lots of snow. The process of burning fossil fuels to generate heat requires a great deal of energy. Because of the drain on my budget, I recently invested into a new furnace. The older heating system wasn’t nearly as energy efficient and performance had diminished over the years. It was also succumbing to minor repairs every year. With the new furnace, I spent more to get an ENERGY STAR rated, high-efficiency system. It is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. I also take proactive steps to reduce the workload of the furnace and keep my home warm and comfortable. I now set the thermostat at 68 degrees during the winter with the fan switched to “auto.” It keeps the home warm but doesn’t force the furnace to run non stop. I tell my kids to wear warm socks and sweaters. I also take advantage of opportunities to lower the thermostat even further. If we’re going to be away from home for even a few hours, I turn down the heat. I also adjust the thermostat when we go to bed at night to conserve energy. We all have heavy blankets on our bed and sleep better in a cooler room. On sunny days, I open the blinds and curtains to let the sun help heat the home. It’s a free source of heat. I have invested into thermal lined curtains that I close at night to trap the heat. Every year, I check the caulk and weatherstripping around the windows and doors. I make sure that the insulation in the attic hasn’t been compromised by moisture or rodents. I replace the air filter in the furnace every month and schedule professional HVAC maintenance every year, right before the start of winter.


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