Waiting to replace central air

Living in the southern section of the country, central A/C is an absolute necessity, and both of us run the cooling system for approximately more than eight weeks of the year, and it often needs to handle un-even temperatures in the upper nineties or even triple digits, but system efficiency and reliability are especially important, and when every one of us bought our house, the A/C was already outdated and struggling.

Both of us knew that it was nearing the end of its service life.

While replacing the A/C was on our to-do list of beach house improvements, there were a lot of projects that took precedence; A leaking roof, lack of insulation, rusted water heating system and broken dishwasher needed to be handled first, there were problems with the electric not meeting code, clogged drains and water mangle to some walls, floors and ceilings… It took us many years to finally make the investment into a new central A/C. I can’t even imagine how much money every one of us could have saved if every one of us had made that step sooner. Both of us paid for many minor A/C repairsthat added up to a significant cost, and plus, the old cooling system ran just about non stop trying to keep up with demands. It used a tremendous amount of energy; Our biweekly energy bills are quite a bit lower because the new A/C is so much more efficient. It also provides far superior comfort and air quality. Both of us have the fortune of zone control and a smart control machine which helps to further optimize energy conservation and control over the indoor environment. It’s also really nice that this A/C is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Energy Monitoring System