Air conditioner in the hotel was noisy

I am used to hearing noises when I go to sleep.

When you live in a household of 6 people, you can almost never get peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, this includes even the night. There is almost always someone in the family up at night, causing a ruckus and also causing me to become sleep deprived. So, I was looking forward to getting away from the family for a bit, and sleeping in a nice hotel. I always loved hotels, because for once I didn’t have to worry about anyone else except me, myself and I. I arrived at the hotel early in the morning the next day, and all seemed well. The hotel looked great inside, and the air conditioning felt nice too. I didn’t stay long though, because I wanted to go out and enjoy some time outside. When I came back in, it was dusk, and it was close to preparing for bedtime. I jumped on my bed and sighed with relief, glad to finally have a bit of peace. I was just beginning to dream about an old lady, when suddenly a loud noise woke me up. Waking up with a startle, I realized it was the HVAC machine. The A/C unit was incredibly loud! I am not sure why, but it was much louder than I had ever heard any other heating and A/C units before. It wasn’t making this noise earlier, but granted, the A/C component was not on either. I had to lay down and try to get used to the noise. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well that night either.

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