I found out that the fireplace needed to be cleaned

Christmas is finally coming, and I need my fireplace cleaned.

Ever since I had the log cottage built, everyone joined at my current home for Christmas! There was something about having Christmas in a rustic current home that made it seem more similar to an old-fashioned Christmas; my sibling, his hubby and 2 kids would be here, along with my parents! I was hoping to have my bestie stay over for the holidays, unless that caused some complications for my parents.

My bestie was an actual heating and air conditioning specialist, and I met him when he came over to do the inspection on my furnace… He told me he knew how to scrub fireplaces too, since he used to help his Mom scrub their fireplace; then after that, both of us started getting closer, and I now felt comfortable asking him to come to the current home while my parents were actually here. He showed up the day before the holidays and started cleaning the fireplace. Dad and Mom were arriving just as he got done, and before the end of the day, he and my Mom had become friends; and it embarrassed me when Mom welcomed him to the family. It was undoubtedly embarrassing when he blushed and said he was going to wait, and pulled a box from his pocket. Mom and Mom were proud to be getting an actual heating and air conditioning specialist as a son-in-law and Mom couldn’t wait to walk me down the aisle. The way they were gushing you’d suppose I was still living with them; however, I was glad that I will soon be the true husband of an actual heating and air conditioning specialist.