I wasn’t ready just yet to get a new furnace

I knew there was something actually going on with the gas furnace, because it was giving off a weird smell… We had forgotten to change the air filters & we had to have the system of ductwork cleaned! They said it clogged the ductwork to where they would be surprised if the components in the gas furnace hadn’t been worn.

I was now experiencing the difficulties that came from overheating the components.

When I called the Heating & Air Conditioning company & requested service, they went back into my records. They needed to learn about what type of gas furnace I had so they could be prepared for any situation. I wasn’t so sure they needed to be prepared, because I had a feeling it was going to be a simple diagnosis, even though I thought I was prepared for just about anything. I wasn’t prepared for everything though. It took the Heating & Air Conditioning worker less than fifteen minutes to tell us the heat exchanger was cracked. Then she didn’t recommend repairing or replacing the heat exchanger. She said it was a long drawn-out project, & it was also overpriced to replace or repair. That’s when she said we needed to replace the gas furnace entirely. I took a deep breath & closed my eyes while telling myself to relax. I asked the price, & she offered me a bid for the new gas furnace & replacement. The great news was that they would take the old gas furnace with them & not charge me for it. The better news was that the new gas heating device was installed the following week, & it worked better & was more efficient than I ever remembered the old gas furnace working.

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