Mack is the smartest person

Mack is the oldest girl on the work crew, then she is the manager, plus drives around in a golf cart checking in with pretty much everyone, and when I first started here I was confused, because it seemed like Mack didn’t do any actual work… It was explained to myself and others that Mack had been the first employee for this supplier almost 40 years ago.

She was too aged to perform the functions of an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, however out of loyalty plus respect she was allowed to keep working, then mack didn’t want to retire, she feels that Heating plus Air Conditioning work is her life, so now she just hangs around the worksites, doling out wisdom plus free advice to the crew.

I have now been a part of this Heating plus Air Conditioning crew for 3 years, plus Mack has become a mentor to me. Her body may be aged plus slow, however her mind is as sharp as ever, however the girl knows more about heating plus cooling systems than anyone I’ve ever met, plus yet she never got her middle school diploma! Mack started the job before it was required to have Heating plus Air Conditioning certification, so all her vast wealth of knowledge was collected on the job. Mack had to learn things as she went along, but she remembers each plus every detail. Mack is like a human Youtube tutorial, because she can explain any heating or cooling issue quickly plus concisely. No matter how aged she may get, I hope that Mack always stays with the Heating plus Air Conditioning crew, because her presence makes our job a whole lot easier.

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