My first and last time

I recently bought my very first smart thermostat.

And I have to say that I think it is going to be my last! I really am not liking this smart thermostat for a whole bunch of reasons.

The first being that i can not figure out the whole app thing to control it from anywhere through my cell phone. That was the main perk of having a smart thermostat in the first place! Then the other thing that really bothers me is that the smart thermostat seems to have an issue in turning off and turning on my central heating and air conditioning system when I operate it by hand. It seems that it takes about 2 minutes to turn on when I set the thermostat to come onto the heating or the air conditioning. Then when it comes time to where I want to turn off the central heating and air conditioning system unit, it will take sometimes up to 4 minutes to even shut off! This can be a real hassle if I am too cold or too hot from too much heating and air conditioning. I will try to keep figuring this thing out for another month. And if things do not get better and I still have all these issues, I am going to just get rid of this smart thermostat and go back to the standard digital thermostat I had before this. At least with that I was not having any of the above mentioned issues!


HVAC professional