My Heating and Air Conditioning boss is also our AA sponsor

My boss Ed is a lot more than just our supervisor, she is our mentor plus our friend.

She is also our sponsor for AA, so the lady wears a lot of hats in our life! Without Ed I don’t guess where I would be right now, however I guess I would entirely be in jail, or dead.

I used to drink a lot. Even when I first started working here I was an alcoholic, however I had it under control. My first few months on the job saw our drinking get a lot worse, plus that is when Ed stepped in. She has been in AA for a decade. She told myself and others that I was a good Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, however if I wanted to keep this job I had to get treatment for our drinking problem. With her help I was able to adjust our work schedule at the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to allow myself time to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I tried to go to 3 meetings a week, however more than anything I kept our focus on our work. Since Ed was taking such good care of myself and others I wanted to make her Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier even better than before. I wanted him to be proud of me. I focused on our Heating plus Air Conditioning work, even enjoying videos about new products on weekends to try plus get ahead of the curve. I started to focus on reading about HVAC duct installation, plus bring a new speciality to Ed’s business. To spend our savings him back for all he’s done, I want to make her Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier larger than ever.


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