My neighbor was scammed into buying an cooling system that did not work

My friend Aubrey is quite gullible.

She often buys things that look good on infomercials; they are usually gadgets that don’t work well.

She has bought bootleg DVD’s, and she thinks that if something is on sale, or if there is a discounted price that it must be good. She was recently looking into buying a window cooling system for her apartment. I offered to go with her to the store so she could find a high-quality window cooling system unit. Aubrey agreed to that, so we developed plans to go to the store over the weekend. She called me a few days later to cancel our plans, informing me that and saw an ad for heating and cooling products for sale on her computer. She clicked on the link and it showed an address where she could buy a window cooling system machine for a lovely, affordable price. Aubrey should have known in that moment that this was a red flag, but she decided to drive to the address to pick up this inexpensive unit. When she arrived, there was a woman in a van selling the window cooling system units. She paid for the window cooling system machine and did not open the box to check what was inside. When she got home, there was no cooling system machine in the box. It was filled with a bunch of random items that made it seem heavy. She drove back to the address, where the van was, and no one was there. Aubrey learned her lesson, and ended up buying a window unit from a store.


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