Spending the winter holidays at a ski resort

Without the fireplace, I was so frosty I could barely move.

I had always wanted to spend the holidays at a ski resort. I had watched movies where the slopes were decorated as well as people were kneeling around the fireplace singing carols, then I wanted to have a Christmas enjoy that; however, I didn’t think it would ever happen to me… When you live in the south, Christmas is usually spent around the pool unless it is too warm; you sit in the new home with the a/c on, and the youngsters are kneeling on the floor in their pajamas or shorts, while opening gifts. I wasn’t sure if I could ski even if I had the chance, however I wanted to try. When my school neighbor called as well as invited me to join him in the mountains for Christmas, I jumped at the occasion. I wanted to find out what it was akin to have frosty weather in the winter, as well as to sit near a fireplace. I hadn’t realized then that frost was cold. Without the fireplace, I was so frosty I could barely move. I wanted to go skiing, however I couldn’t go when I was shivering! My neighbor assured me I would sizzle up once I got on the slopes… However, I was afraid to take that chance. I could picture myself chopping a leg or chilly to death; besides, there were a lot of gorgeous ladies gathered around the fireplace, as well as I didn’t want to give up my seat next to the prettiest 1 of all. My neighbor told me I didn’t think about what I was missing, but he understood. It took him a long time to get used to living in the Northeast as well as not needing a/c on Christmas morning.


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