The cat got out, but the cold brought him in

Unfortunately, we did not find him after searching the woods for quite awhile

I have two fine indoor cats. My family and I do not let them outside because of the feral cats in our area. Getting into fights and becoming exposed to fleas are things we don’t want. Even though our cats are strictly indoors, they often try to get outside when the doors to our home are open. They have a good life here, so why do they want to escape? They have free range of our home, with access to plenty of food, water, air conditioning, heat, toys, and pet beds. Yesterday, I was going out to my backyard to put covers on the chairs, to prepare for a storm. While I was opening the sliding door, my cat, Gilbert, ran out under my feet; he was so fast I could not catch him! He then sprinted, and jumped onto the roof of the shed, and over the fence into the woods! It was a cold, rainy morning and I knew the storm was coming, so I panicked. My husband and I tried to call Gilbert many times. He and I put food outside, told the neighbors, and printed lost cat fliers. It got dark early that night, as we were searching for Gilbert in the woods. It was rainy, windy, and cold. All I wanted to do was find Gilbert and go back into my warm home. Unfortunately, we did not find him after searching the woods for quite awhile. I took a hot shower and warmed up indoors with central heating. A few minutes later, Gilbert showed up in my neighbor’s yard, cold, wet, and dirty. My husband and I got him cleaned up and he was cheerful to be back home where it was warm!


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