The home with the gas heater, or electric?

I’m a first-time home buyer.

  • I have seen over twenty homes, and have narrowed my search down to just two.

The only major difference between these two dwellings is that one has a gas fireplace and other has an electric one. The homes are similar in other ways. Both are in great locations, and they both have a similar square footage, yard space and layout. Central heating and air conditioning is another commonality. I did not have a fireplace growing up, so I had to do some research to discover the pros and cons of a gas fireplace compared to an electric fireplace, so I could make my decision a little bit easier. The first benefit, I discovered, with a gas fireplace is the sight, sound and smell. Growing up, I loved sitting by campfires, and a gas fireplace could replicate that feeling in my home. Another benefit of a gas fireplace is that it can heat your room quickly. The gas fireplace is in the living room of the one potential home, which is a large room. A con of gas fireplaces is they can be a safety issue, especially if I decide to have children one day.If a gas fireplace is not maintained regularly, it can give off harmful toxic emissions. One benefit of electric fireplaces is that they do not cast off harmful emissions, so they are considered to be safer, but they don’t heat rooms as quickly or efficiently as gas fireplaces.


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