The neighbor’s a/c device was genuinely noisy

Ever since I have volunteered to help my acquaintance with their project, my sleep has gone downhill.

My acquaintance has always wanted to write a story, and while she handled the writing just fine, she needed someone who could paint the pictures of the story.

Since I am an artist and a wonderful friend, she called and asked for my help. To be honest, I found the plan of the project to be exciting, but, I didn’t realize how much commitment it was going to take when I agreed to help her with the project. She wanted a picture on every page, every scene of the book, and the book was over 100 pages long! Of course, I wanted to make every picture as detailed and wonderful looking as possible, and so I started spending multiple hours a afternoon painting for her. Not only that, but I still had my own interests I wanted to partake, and responsibilities. With all of the above mentioned, I usually have about 6 hours left of sleep before I have to get up again. Even though it is 6 hours, it might as well be less, because I almost never sleep the entire time! Lately, it has been my neighbor’s noisy air conditioning plan keeping me up at night, as if I needed another reason to be sleepless. I still remember yeahterday, I was finally dozing off when their a/c plan came on with a loud roar, and completely woke me up! I knew a/c units could be noisy, but this was crazy! I might have to knock on their door and complain if they don’t get their heating and cooling component taken care of.
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