The refrigeration component helped chill it

I got a call from 1 of my commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning customers, but it wasn’t about a problem with the feeding or cooling system.

The patron plus owner of the ice cream shop called myself and others because there was a problem with the refrigeration unit; She called the business that correctly handles all of the work on the refrigeration units, but they did not have anyone in the area that afternoon plus could not help until the next day.

The owner wondered if I would be able to serve the refrigeration unit. I was glad to go to the commercial corporation so I could look at the problem. I sincerely thought that it was going to be an issue that I could fix, however I didn’t want to tell the patron yes just in case it was something truly complicated plus outside of my comfort zone. I handle refrigeration concerns all of the time, but most of the greater commercial systems require a certified serviceman or business with more expertise in the commercial refrigeration services. When I arrived at the ice cream shop, I found the arena closed down even though it was already after 9:00 a.m. The owner of the corporation could not open for the afternoon due to the fact that all of the groceries were completely frozen. The refrigeration component froze everything inside of the equipment instead of just keeping things chilled. She had to update several items before she could open for business. I took a nice look at all of the refrigeration equipment plus the issue was a simple thermostat problem.

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