There was no way I was going to miss out

Finally! After several years, one of my most favorite movie series was having a new movie come out.

Once thought to be a trilogy, a lot of people were not expecting to see the 4th movie ever come out, but I was hopeful for a long time. Over time though, after several years had passed, my hope dwindled down further and further. I even had dreams about what the potential 4th movie would be like! Then they announced that there was in fact, a 4th movie coming out! I screamed with joy and bounced with excitement. It was going to be another year, but I could wait. The year came and went, and on the day when the movie was released, there I was, at the movie theater. Unfortunately, since this was such a popular movie, a ton of other people were there as well. Then, to my ultimate horror and frustration, I noticed the person in front of me got the last seats for the day. There was no way I was going to let that deter me, I bought tickets for another movie and snuck into my movie’s theater. It was packed, as I had figured, and so I sat on the floor. Even though the floor was uncomfortable, I sat right next to an air conditioner vent. Movie theaters have great A/C, and so enjoying the nice cooling air was a nice experience. I watched the entire movie, and it was fantastic, I was so ecstatic. Even though I didn’t get to sit down, I did see my movie, and I got some great HVAC air conditioning in the process.