They said fireplace repairs would be expensive

When I first moved into my up-to-date home, I appreciated the fireplace. I thought it would be a good accent during the holidays, and when it got cold, I could finally supplement my heat with the fireplace. I didn’t realize how much noise the fireplace would make when it got really windy. I sat in the family room with my daughter one night, and every one of us could hear a shriek coming from the fireplace… My daughter thought it sounded funny, however I found it annoying. I remember the realtor telling me every one of us had a singing fireplace, and I was wondering if this was what she was ranting about? The wind was causing the screeching howl that was getting on my B nerves, then she told me every one of us could have the fireplace repaired; however, it was going to be luxurious. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend money more for an up-to-date fireplace, or if I wanted it removed and a better heating and A/C system installed. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, so I talked to my dad and asked his opinion. He told me he would come over and look at the fireplace, although he had to see it before he could provide his opinion. I was also genuinely grateful when dad showed up. He said it was going to cost quite a bit to make the repairs, however to remove the fireplace would be just as luxurious. He asked if I had considered a fireplace insert, which would allow me to keep the fireplace and use it for heat without needing to make repairs or split wood.


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