We need a new AC unit in building R and the owner won't budge

The owner of the apartment building where I work is a total slumlord.

  • The guy won’t make any repairs to the building, even though some of the problems are a major hazard.

We need a new AC unit in building R where the laundry room is situated. The AC unit will have to be replaced. There were people complaining all day yesterday and the previous day. The AC isn’t working in the fitness center now either. All of these repairs will require a trained HVAC technician and I can’t do those things without a license. I could get sued or go to jail and I;m not risking it for this guy. There is a pretty big problem with the boiler in the basement too. I told the guy that the boiler needs to be replaced, but he keeps calling someone to weld the problems. The last guy that was a welder looked like he could not have been more than 17 or 18 years old. He didn’t know what he was doing and my boss took advantage of that fact. Then sure that the other guy would not have decided to weld that area. I have been thinking about telling someone about all of the problems in the building. The problem is that I really need this job. If I get fired or they shut down the building, then I’m not going to have a place to work. I hate to be part of these problems, but I don’t have a solution right now that doesn’t include me losing my job and place to live.

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