An unusual day

It is getting close to the holiday season right now and the weather has been insane where I live.

Would you believe it was 90 degrees today and I actually had to turn on my central air conditioning.

Usually of course this time of the year it is the central heating that is getting cranked. But this strange weather has me running the central air conditioning in the middle of December! It must be all this climate change and the global warming stuff. All I know is it is crazy. But then at night I am having to crank the central heating system. This is all giving my central heating and air conditioning system quite the work out. When all this is done I am going to have to call my local heating and air conditioning company to have them send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to do a serious heating and cooling tune up and check up on my central heating and air conditioning system. I usually do not have that done until the spring. But after all this back and forth with the heating as well as the air conditioning in the same day, and every single day as of lately I am going to have no choice if I want to ensure that my central heating and air conditioning system is fully working with no issues what so ever. But I will wait until the weather cools down again before I make that phone call.



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