Game night on Thanksgivings eve

We had a game night with the family on the eve of Thanksgiving! Everything was going well until we noticed that it had abruptly grown freezing in what should have been a boiling home.

One of the cousins checked the temperature control, however there was no change even after increasing it, and we couldn’t risk spending the night in a freezing house, especially with babies.

It was clear that the heating plus A/C unit had failed, and we could only sort it out with the help of an emergency heating and A/C professional. We called the heating plus A/C provider in the emergency services contact list for the house, and they promised to send someone over immediately. Within fifteen minutes, the heating plus A/C repairman rang the bell. We let them in after confirming their badges and explained the problem, then gave them access to the heating plus A/C! Since the games had ended suddenly, we helped the AC experts carry the impressive quality heating plus A/C unit from the motorcar to the unit, but we got to work while engaging us in conversation about the need for routine heating plus A/C maintenance and how it would help with indoor comfort during winter and the festive season. They also noticed that the style of unit installed was a bit dated, which meant that the house was due for a replacement with new heating plus A/C equipment. We got curious about them turning up so fast late in the night. They mentioned that they supply emergency calls with high priority because, without quality heating plus A/C, their customers are vulnerable to so many risks. They also laughed about having to leave the end year celebration that the heating plus A/C business was hosting courtesy of a leading heating plus A/C brand. The repair was completed in two hours, and the heating and A/C experts were ready to leave. We promised to call them back once we were ready for the new heating plus A/C replacement.



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