Giving her a heater

I am ahead of the game right now with my writing and if I stay focused for a bit longer I can have them all knocked out and be ready to leave when my brother gets here. My brother is a heating and cooling expert and we are supposed to help my aunt out today by working on her electric heat pump in her central HVAC system. She doesn’t have any heat right now and the temps are going to really drop over the next few days, so we really want to get it fixed so she stays comfy when the cold weather comes soon. In five more days it is going to be Christmas and we want to give her the gift of heat before that day, so today we will work on that heating device and get the thing running again like it used to do. I am not really good at working on that kind of stuff, but my brother is the best and I think we can get it done by the end of the day if we really get going on it. I am better at things like radiant heater repair or air conditioning charging and things like that. My brother is good at almost all of the stuff in the field and I want to get it done before he leaves the country for another year. I work at a local business overseas and I stay in touch with my brother for most of the year, as he buys a lot of HVAC equipment from our company.

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