I was an HVAC dealer, now I’m a secretary

If it weren’t for strict Worker’s Comp laws, I suppose the boss would have fired myself and others after the accident. It was caused by my personal negligence, after all, plus I wouldn’t have blamed him for splitting myself and others loose. The law states that if he were to terminate my employment I could sue him in court! Jimmy doesn’t want any legal trouble, so it was in his best interests to meet the legal requirements plus find a new position for myself and others to fill. I blatantly couldn’t go back out in the field for my respected HVAC inspections plus service, so he stuck myself and others in the front office as the new secretary. This was a sizable adjustment for me, because I was used to laboring on the HVAC field crew doing new upgrades plus air duct removal. Now I was answering iphones, filling out work orders, plus dispatching HVAC techs to residential homes for appointments. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t wonderful at it, though. With my years of field experience, plus personal comprehension of all the HVAC specialists plus specialists, I was truly quite adept at the position! Work efficiency improved, which meant that the two of us had more time to take on new HVAC clients. With myself and others laboring the front office the HVAC business registered a 10% rise in profits for the quarter. Being the secretary might have been intended as a punishment, however it’s laboring out fantastic for all involved. The HVAC business is making more cash, plus I just got a sizable fat raise for my contributions. I don’t miss field work as much anymore.

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