I’m happy I chose an Heating plus Air Conditioning career

This blog post isn’t intended to be depressing or sad, I just need almost everyone to understand how I got here, however when I was actually little my dad died in a car accident, one that I later l gained was caused by his drunk driving.

After that my mother became withdrawn, plus followed my Dad down the same path to alcoholism.

She was regularly around, but never actually present, if that makes any sense, and because of this I regularly felt care about the parent of the house, always having to watch over my mom for her own protection. Instead of going to school I went to a local trade school to learn Heating plus Air Conditioning systems repair, however partially this was to allow me to stay new home with Mom plus keep an eye on her, but partially it had to do with the rapid growth of the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry. I needed a task with great pay, benefits, plus task security, plus I believed the heating plus cooling industry could give me those things! Chalk it up to great timing, but the career path of Heating plus Air Conditioning labor saved me a lot of time plus debt, then right around this same time the economy went sideways, plus a lot of people who spent $100,000 on a school education had to labor at Starbucks while drowning in debt. Meanwhile my Heating plus Air Conditioning certification came with almost no debt, plus I was able to land a task with excellent spend money right away. Part of me wishes I had gone to school, but I am sensible enough to know that an Heating plus Air Conditioning career was the right choice to make.


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