I’m proud of myself

I really put everything I had into going to heating and air conditioning school to become a certified heat and a/c specialist.

And today was the day I finally graduated! It feels like I just passed and achieved a major milestone.

It was a big long haul to get to this point and pass my final exam. But I did it because I really paid good attention while in the classes. Now the next step is going to be to get a job working for a heating and air conditioning company in my local area. There are a lot who hire people out of heating and cooling school such as myself. I just need to find the ones that do and start applying. Even thought it could very well be some months before I can actually get out into the heating and air conditioning field and start working as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, I am very proud of myself with what I have succeeded in here. The heating and air conditioning school was not an easy task what so ever but I gave my all and made the final passing grade. This makes me feel more proud of myself than I can even put into words. It is really a major life goal reached and the fact that I wanted to become a heating and air conditioning specialist like my uncle all of my teenage years just adds to the fact that this is the best thing I have ever done yet!


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