It may not be exciting, but Heating plus Air Conditioning work is reliable

I have consistently been envious of those people that have enough time and currency to focus on their passions and interests.

Most everybody has to do what is required of them – go to work, pay the bills, raise the teenagers, etc.

When I meet someone who goes to university to learn basket weaving I am a little jealous that they have the freedom to do something so frivolous. Not that I’m complaining, because our task isn’t so bad. I wouldn’t say that fixing a/cs and furnaces is our “passion” per se, however it pays well, and I get to take most holidays off. I have consistently wanted to be a writer, however never had the time or a reason to write. They say “write what you know” and I don’t guess anything and Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. That’s why I found a sideline gig writing blogs and web satisfied about heating and cooling systems. It may not seem actually exciting, but I am actually knowledgeable about Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment, and I enjoy having a reason to sit down and write. All forms of writing are creative, even if it’s writing about the cooling capacity of the modern generation of central A/C units. It doesn’t pay a lot, however that’s okay because our morning task pays myself and others plenty, I just love having a chance to express myself creatively and talk about Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. I was doing so well with our Heating plus Air Conditioning blogs that the boss asked myself and others to start writing some plumbing blogs, too… but I don’t guess the first thing about plumbing!