It was hard to hear him.

I do not hear very well, which makes every conversation hard for me.

I use two different hearing aids, but there are still times when the voices are flat and muted. I dislike having to ask people to speak louder, although I don’t want to miss anything someone says. When the local Heating and A/C expert arrived last week, he was talking so quietly that I had no plan what he was saying. My husband Bob was leaning in close to hear him, and he has no hearing difficulties. It seemed care about he was deliberately speaking low so Bob and I would not understand him. I asked questions about the gas furnace, and noticed that the tech often ignored me. When Bob asked, he provided him an answer. I was getting quite infuriated, although I walked away instead. That’ was when I first noticed the hearing aid in his ear. He was as deaf as I was. I walked over and got his attention and then Bob and I asked about the gas furnace. I wanted to recognize what he had found wrong with the central Heating and A/C, and if it could be repaired. I saw a genuine smile on his face when I said that. I pointed to our hearing aids. He spoke slowly and directed his answers to myself and others so I could read his lips, and I followed suit. Bob realized what was going on, and he joined in the conversation about the gas furnace. It was challenging for quite a while, but every one of us soon l received he just had to perform minor maintenance to the gas furnace, and it was now finally working fine. The deaf Heating and A/C expert thanked us for being patient with him and understanding..

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