It’s funny that you should ask.

It was funny when my best friend asked me how I became the owner of an HVAC company? I hadn’t set out to own the HVAC company.

I wasn’t an HVAC technician, and I didn’t know anyone who was an HVAC technician.

When I met my boyfriend, he was the first HVAC technician I had ever come in contact with. Things went quickly with us, and before I knew it, we were engaged. I was pregnant, and we were planning our wedding. He told me he had always wanted to own an HVAC company, but he didn’t have any business acumen. He didn’t have a mind for numbers, but he knew his way around the business. His father owned the local HVAC company, and that was where my husband worked. When his father retired, he wanted Casey to take over the business. Casey told him he didn’t want to own the company, but if he found someone to step into his shoes, he would help with the working side of it. They needed someone who understood business and finance. That’s where I came into the equation. I met my husband when I was in college. He was working on the dorm HVAC system, and we became friends, and later; husband and wife. Because I had the head for business, and he had the head for HVAC, his father thought we would make an excellent team for HVAC ownership. My best friend couldn’t wrap her head around me being the owner of an HVAC company, but I swore that was exactly how it happened.



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