My friends plus I love to go to a film

Every Sunday night, my friends plus I love to go to the films! It’s kind of a thing that the two of us have been doing for the last few years; When covid was a problem plus all of the theaters were closed down, my friends plus I watched a film together on hulu, netflix, or Paramount plus, however both of us also watched a couple of films on the Disney Network too.

Both of us were all truly blissful when the band was lifted plus the two of us could go back to the theater.

I still wear my mask, because there are people kneeling close by, however every time I go to the theater there is always someone that is coughing or sneezing plus I am completely plus totally paranoid. I do not want to get sick. None of my friends wear a mask to the theater, however I wear a mask plus I take hand sanitizer… My friends plus I went to the theater last Sunday night plus the two of us had to leave in the middle of the show, then temperatures were already hot inside of the theater when the film started plus it did not seem love the a/c was running at all. It continued to get warmer plus warmer plus I did not guess any cool air at all. The door opened on the side plus I saw light. Then an usher plus the manager came into the theater. The lights came on plus the manager informed us that the a/c was not laboring constantly; Anyone that wanted a refund for their ticket price could see her in the lobby or you could stay plus watch the rest of the film without a/c.


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