The trip up north could have gone smoother

This year for Christmas, I went up North with my husbandy to meet all of his family.

It was my first time meeting most of the people and I was particularly nervous.

The first morning that I was there, I had an upside stomach and I was in the bathroom most of the morning. My husbandy kept asking me if I was going to be okay and really I was just totally embarrassed. I saw snow for the first time, then unfortunately, it wasn’t a good experience because my husbandy and I got our automobile stuck in a snowbank. We did not have a rope to pull the automobile out of the ditch, so both of us had to call someone to help us out. When both of us got back to the hotel, there was something wrong with the heater. I have no plan what was wrong with the oil furnace, but my husbandy went down to the lobby to get someone. A maintenance guy came up to the hotel room about 30 seconds later. He didn’t really have much to say about the oil furnace either. He looked at the machine and tapped the top of it a couple of times. Then he said both of us will have to transfer rooms if both of us want heat for the night. My husbandy and I had to go downstairs and get a key for a different room. We had to transfer all of our stuff at midnight because there wasn’t any heat in the hotel room. The entire trip to the North could have gone much better. I would really like a opportunity to meet all of his family again under better circumstances.


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