We couldn't get to the woodpile.

I wished someone had told me to stock up on wood when my wife and I got to the cabin.

No one had said anything about the snow coming. We had been watching the weather channel for the last week, hoping we would have a pleasant week for skiing and staying in the mountains. The weather channel was showing sunny days for the first few days, and fresh snow by the end of the week. We had plenty of wood to get us through the first night there, and planned on bringing more wood into the house the following morning. I didn’t want to go outside at night. Throughout the night, nearly eighteen inches of fresh snow fell and we couldn’t get to the woodpile. We had barely enough wood to keep the fireplace burning all night long, and now I had to figure out how to get dry wood for the rest of the week. I called the main lodge and asked about dry wood. The manager told me there was plenty of wood for the fireplace outside, but I didn’t want to go through a foot and a half of snow to get to it. He told me there was a closet in the bedroom. If I went in there, there was a small furnace that I could turn on. Most people didn’t want to use the furnace, because it added nothing to the ambience of the cabin. He told me where to find the switch to turn the furnace on, and how to set the thermostat. We couldn’t get to the woodpile, but we had heat thanks to the furnace.

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