Boyfriend’s cooling

on the actual date so either today is our more than six months or it’s in a few days.

I assume that is what happens when you date a bunch of narcissistic people and you stop to adore the small things in life.

Michael is adjusting that in myself and others though. He has shown myself and others there are good people out there. He has never been married, never had youngsters and from what I can tell never done anything poor in his life. He most entirely has his life together and that is large for our child and me, however being together this long I’m always over at his house. I’m trying to put small subtle hints that I’m ready to take the next step in our life and transport in together. I assume our child prefers him as he shows her tons of respect and he always is there to help her. His house is clean and he lives in a relaxing neighborhood. His task allows him to afford an indoor pool, an 85 inch TV, a full fridge of groceries, and the latest technology of an Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. He just recently replaced to a smart control unit as well. His house is amazingly comfortable and most importantly he trusts us. He provided our child Martha information about his smart control unit so she can mess with the settings if Michael and I are not there. Both of us go on little dates on our own and she is so comfortable there that she either reads her books or naps. Basically, she can do anything she wants and both of us both assume she won’t do anything wrong. I’m hoping soon both of us will transport in together because I suppose he is the perfect match for our child and me.

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