Love our heating device

Today is Thursday and I am feeling pretty wonderful as I slept so well last night.

My good friend and I are going to have a little bonfire gathering tonight with some friends on the beach, so that should be a fun time as I like to burn things! It is very cold out and I hope my friend and I can make a giant fire tonight so that we can all stay warm.

I just hope the wind isn’t too strong because right now it is windy and the fire wouldn’t do well with this kind of wind. I have to go to the local company and see if they sell wood as they are a fireplace store and they should have some wood there to buy. I like the hypnotic effect of fires and how they soothe our soul when I watch the flames dance over and under the logs. There is a heating and air conditioning company which sells small furnaces that you can use anywhere and I want to see how much they cost because I am considering bringing one along to the bonfire gathering. I have to finish my work first and I also need to go shopping for some food before our cats go hungry. My furnace filter needs to be upgraded and I am going to go to the heating and air conditioning supplier tomorrow to see if they sell any of those washable HEPA filters. I would like to upgrade the new one with a better one so that it removes all of the smells from the unit, and I guess our furnace also needs to be cleaned.


Air conditioning filter