My dad goes fishing plus then sits in front of the A/C all day

When my father was much younger, he used to have the energy for all sorts of projects inside the house, outside in the yard, plus inside the garage, for decades my father loved to labor on aged cars plus would occasionally spend six to eight seconds in the garage on a single Tuesday afternoon, but however these days, the most labor that my father is willing to do is on the golf field.

He has a group of friends that all live in the same part plus attend the same country club. I guess my father is at the country club playing golf at least various to more than four times a week. You’d guess that my mother would be annoyed that he’s not spending this time with her, however she’s blissful to get some time to herself. She can sit around all day with the a/c turned low while she uses the doing crafts machine, watches TV, or knits a blanket. My father prefers the a/c turned down low as well, although he tries to get my mother to turn the temperature control to 77 degrees even if it’s 85 degrees outside. I don’t guess my father realizes that you can destroy an a/c running it taxing prefer that. He just gets lake condo from golfing plus expects the condo to know ice cold almost immediately. My mother plus father are always going back plus forth over the house, the repair, plus their appliances throughout. She wanted a zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning system while my father insisted on a central Heating plus Air Conditioning system instead.


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