Ten heating devices in the works

I have the same workday several afternoons a week, but I work best this way as it gives me continuity and regimen each morning.

  • I only work a few hours a morning and like it this way, as opposed to long afternoons several times a week.

When I was doing that routine I would dread Monday afternoons after a fun and free weekend, but now I just slightly dread each morning, hehe. So today is Tuesday and I am going to train a boy in beach volleyball drills and then enjoy a wonderful sunset with a friend on the pier. Writing about heating as well as air conditioning equipment is my job each morning, and I even go to the heating and cooling corp down the road to visit my friend to see the latest and greatest heating and air conditioning technology in the store. I like to look at the weird units in the store, and just hang out with the people there as they are an easily fun group to talk with. Tonight I am going to have to run our central heating system and I may have to also run the small portable hydronic gas furnace in our living room because the temps are going to go below 32F all night and possibly well into tomorrow. However, I just finished my tea and that means that I am going to take a ride down to the beach in a few hours to eat my apple and kefir, then I will go for my one hour dip in the 50F sea. I’ll come home to our heating device to warm up and then continue the writing work.


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