Thankful for a community minded HVAC company

I’ve always been able to turn to the local HVAC company for any sort of heating and cooling question or issue.

Since we get seasonal HVAC maintenance on our HVAC equipment, there haven’t been too many issues.

But there are times when I have question or there is an upgrade that we want. In fact, it was the HVAC professionals who introduced me to air purification. When the kids were younger and we had a bunch of pets, we encountered a problem with stinky indoor air. We tried the different deodorizers but nothing really worked so we turned to the HVAC professionals. They introduced us to air purification and eliminating odors by removing the bacteria in the air causing them. The same HVAC company installed a whole house air purification system for us as well. And not too long ago, they updated our thermostat by installing a smart thermostat as well. But our local HVAC company really stepped up when we asked for help for a member of our community. We have a wonderful lady that lives down the street all by herself. She’s on a very fixed income and so when her heat pump broke, she couldn’t do much about it. Some neighbors and I learned about her situation and started raising the funds to replace her residential HVAC. And that’s when I went to the local HVAC professionals for help. Not only did they get us the HVAC equipment at a vastly reduced price but they installed it at no charge. It’s lovely that we have HVAC professionals who are not only quality heating and air experts but are community minded as well.

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