I’m just not a fan

A long time ago when I was a kid we used to go camping in the fall weeks; This would usually happen right as summer time was about to end plus the weather was starting to cool off a bit, then at night it would get a bit chilly plus we would make a campfire.

The two of us had a really nice fireplace in our house back when I was a little boy, plus I was expecting the campfire to be just care about having a fireplace, but it being outdoors.

This was not the case! The fireplace at the house was way better than this campfire; I am not sure why I thought that a campfire would be just as wonderful as the fireplace we had at home. The campfire was nice, however it just didn’t supply the same warmth or suppose as a nice old fashioned fireplace. The fireplace we used to have at the house was 1 of those authentic 1s, however not 1 of those electric fireplaces. At the time electric fireplaces were not even a section of technology, but so in order to even have a fireplace, you had to have a real plus plan to have a natural fireplace. Today when I take my own kids camping like I did when I was young, we truly cheat you could say. The two of us go in a camper plus at night, we do not rest outdoors in front of a campfire for too long. The two of us go inside the camper plus I have a portable section furnace that keeps us warm throughout the night. The portable section furnace is ten times better than a campfire.

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